Inspiring Action: Public-Sector Communicators and Telling Stories That Matter

Inspiring Action: Public-Sector Communicators and Telling Stories That Matter

What role does storytelling play in the way you communicate with the public and how can it help your PR efforts? Storytelling can engage the public you serve by humanizing the services your agency provides, getting your stakeholders more involved and inspiring community leaders to champion your causes and projects. When done right, storytelling carries your core messages further.

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Award-Winning Media Campaign

In 2016, I directed the marketing campaign for the highly publicized primary election in June and general election in November for the LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk. The multi-media campaign reached all LA County residents and is a good example of utilizing various branding components to get your message to reach millions. Image carousel below.

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Award-Winning China Series

In 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to Beijing to learn more about the phenomenon of Eastern Medicine. The experience was eye-opening and the result was a three-part series focused on the roots of ancient traditions that are growing in popularity here in the states. Click here to read Parts 1-3.

US Weekly Reporting

As an entertainment reporter, I had the privilege of sitting front row at many celebrity events and witnessing many iconic pop culture moments. Here are a few major pop culture stories I contributed to.